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Frequently Asked Questions?

Do I need to get a kennel cough vaccine for my dog?

Yes all dogs staying at iPet hotel require to be vaccinated against kennel cough with vet cert or proof of same to be presented on Check in or Before.

Under no circumstances will we allow a dog to stay at the iPet Hotel without a valid up to date Kennel Cough Vaccine!



Can I get my dog groomed while I'm away?

Yes you can have your dog professionally groomed in our renowned Grooming Salon “Pro-Groom”  we also offer discounts for any of our iPet Hotel Guests! for details on pricing, availability etc. please give us a call on 0429331664.

Dietary upset after their stay?

As you can imagine your dog will be extremely excited to see you after their stay with us, a common consequence of this excitement is soft droppings / diarrhea. Your dog may have solid droppings at the kennel but then develop diarrhea the moment they are sent home. All the excitement of seeing their mam and dad after their absence and being home again with their beloved family may have an effect on the dog’s gastric system. The good news is that this is not a lasting condition, things should return to normal within 48hrs once the initial excitement has waned and your dog has settled back into their normal routine. (If this condition last beyond this point a visit to your vet would be prudent).

Note; to help avoid stress/excitement related diarrhea; restrict food and treats the day they return home (but make sure to provide ample water at all times)…. Start them back the next day on a smaller portion and resume their normal food intake thereafter.

Can my dog contract kennel cough even though it is vaccinated for it?

Although the kennel cough vaccine is highly effective it is not a guarantee your dog will not contract the illness. The vaccine helps reduce the severity and duration of the illness if contracted , but there is still a small chance that your dog may become infected.

If my dog contracts Kennel Cough what can I expect?

Kennel Cough is often a mild, uncomplicated disease. Your dog may remain relatively healthy and energetic despite an ominous-sounding cough. Although coughing is usually mild, it may persist for several weeks. However, a more serious secondary infection can occur and cause other symptoms that include discharge from the eyes and nose, swollen tonsils, wheezing, lack of appetite and lethargy. In most cases where dogs are vaccinated against Kennel Cough yet still show symptoms, the infection quickly abates with little or no treatment needed, however if symptoms persist veterinary advice should be sought.  

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