Royal Canin Maxi Junior


His 2nd stage of growth is characterised by a gradual consolidation. The growth rate in height and weight is slower, but the puppy continues to develop its muscle mass and consolidate its skeleton for about ten months.

Gain muscles while controlling weight gain
From 5 months the construction of the puppy’s bone and joints is nearly complete. But its growth is far from finished: it enters a stage of muscle building that still requires a higher energy intake than when adult. This energy intake must however be strictly controlled to prevent the puppy from becoming overweight, which could lead to skeletal deformation.
During this stage, the digestive system has become more mature, so that the puppy can have larger meals to satisfy its appetite.

Ensures harmonious bone and muscle development thanks to balanced levels of energy and protein, just the right amount of calcium and phosphorous for optimal mineralization of growing bones, chondroitin and glucosamine for early joint support.

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